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Ann Kerstetter (the Duchess of Duke Street) is known for her emotional live performances. She knocked ’em dead at the IBC’s. That doesn’t mean she can’t make a hot CD; in fact she has two of them. Her second CD, “Duke St. Diary,” has quite a variety of tunes. There are three or four that… Read more: Don Vecchio – Pittsburg Pa

Don Vecchio – Pittsburg Pa

“Most of the blues CDs that come my way are fairly average…okay, but not great. So I wasn’t expecting a lot from an unknown in Pennsylvania. Well, one should never assume. I was knocked out by Ann’s album. She has a marvelous voice and sings with authenticity and passion.” -Norman Davis Midnight Flyer Blues Show

Norma Davis

“Ann Kerstetter’s second release is a pretty impressive piece, showcasing the band’s talents as songwriters, containing only two covers, Ann Rabson’s “Annie’s Blues” and E.G. Kight’s “If You Ever Touch Me.” The remaining tunes were furnished by Kerstetter, Greg Burgess and Andy Seal and it is quite an impressive set. These are diehard musicians who… Read more: Bill Wilson

Bill Wilson

“After listening to Ann Kerstetter’s first release, Classics, and now this her latest, “Duke St. Diary”, I am convinced the girl can sing! Ann has complete control over her voice – generating a colorful palette of vocal textures and nuances to effectively grab the listener and relay her message. While Ann opted for musical variation… Read more: Bonnie Tallman

Bonnie Tallman

“DUKE STREET DIARY exceeded my expectations. I knew it had to be good, but not this good.” (Read Full Review) -Spike and Goth Woman

Spike and Goth Woman

Ann Kerstetter Ann’s YouTube Channel Follow Ann on Twitter View Ann’s Myspace View Ann’s Facebook”Make no mistake, be it for just a few songs at a blues jam or a full live performance, when Ann Kerstetter takes the stage, the party’s just begun. Be it a hoppin’ boogie or a sultry ballad, she squeezes out… Read more: Michael Knott

Michael Knott

Duke St. Diary (2010) “Duke St. Diary” Semifinalist for: Best Self Produced CD (2010) The International Blues Foundation, Memphis, TN

The International Blues Foundation

“Ann Kerstetter and the All Star Band of Cronies” very fitting, These people perform like a bunch of friends having fun together. No egos in the way, just wanting to make people happy. I truly believe Ann loves making people happy in the way she knows best, singing. And she sure knows how to do… Read more: Don Vecchio

Don Vecchio

“Hemos empezado bien este año en el Café de Ruy, con el concierto por la Dama de los Blues desde Pensilvania Ann Kerstetter en nuestro local de Pastrana. Ya disfrutamos con ella el año pasado, pero el comentario general ha sido que este año se habia superado a si misma. Ann es una mezcla de… Read more: Mercedes Marquez Soto

Mercedes Marquez Soto

“Ann Kerstetter put on a performance – a show! -She let the crowd know all about herself and what she does. My hat goes off to her for her drive and spunk. The Williamsport Community Arts center was lucky in that the venue offered TWO terrific concerts last Thursday night, Bonnie Raitt and Taj’s “BonTaj”… Read more: Bonnie Tallman

Bonnie Tallman

“I had the pleasure of hearing Ann Kerstetter’s Band at the International Blues Challenge this year and was really taken with their performance. Great musicality combined with Ann’s beautifully rendered vocals had the crowd hooked and wanting more.” -Brett Fleming (Judge @ 2009 IBC) “Soul Stew” WEVL FM 89.9 Memphis, TN

Brett Fleming

“Ann is a strong vocalist in the classic blues sense with a good variety of techniques. The guitarist is very tasty and the rest of the band is solid with good dynamics.” -Bruce Iglauer President, Alligator Records

Bruce Iglauer

“If Pennsylvania based blues singer Ann Kerstetter acted like she owned the stage at this year’s Billtown Blues Festival, it’s because she did. Kerstetter, backed by a group of crack musicians, stalked the stage exhorting, pleading, shouting, whispering and testifying the blues like a modern-day Bessie Smith.”